Growing The Next Generation
Growing The Next Generation

Leadership Academy

Serving Middle School - Grades 6-8th

Growing The Next Generation

Growing The Next Generation

St HOPE Leadership Academy is a middle school focusing on grades 6-8 in Harlem, New York. Over the next three years, your child can think about what’s possible for their future as they grow in academics and awareness of other cultures.

What sets us apart from other public middle schools in New York City?

We emphasize high school and college readiness, starting in 6th grade! We don’t care about your child’s performance on a test — we want to help develop their goals and endures, then give them the tools needed to build the life they want.

We work to build a culture built on respect and empathy. We support our students by:

  • Supporting their dreams and aspirations.
  • Modeling with intentionality. Our scholars display kindness and leadership in action when they serve through community service projects.
  • Fostering wise choices. We empower our scholars to do the right thing and create opportunities to make smart decisions.
  • Creating safe spaces to fail. Our School culture develops perseverance and our scholars encourage one another in their individual pursuits.
What Sets Us Apart
Our Scholars Enjoy Learning

We Want Our Scholars to Enjoy Learning!

Middle school can be a stressful time as your child learns to navigate and understand the long-term impact their actions will have on future opportunities. We help guide them in their academics, but also provide them with extracurricular activities.


Students will have opportunities to get involved and explore interests in digital arts, performance, and fine arts.


Scholars are encouraged to serve on the student council and be part of our Chess Club and Food & Culture Club.


We encourage physical fitness by encouraging participation in sports. We offer boys and girls basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more.

St HOPE is a free public charter middle school where each family has the support of our teachers and staff, and where your child can thrive! We are ALWAYS Enrolling!

The data supports that St HOPE scholars excel:

  • Our 8th graders beat the City and State in English Language Arts and Math.
  • 98% of St HOPE scholars reported that they felt safe at school, compared to the citywide average of 82%.
  • St HOPE Special Education scholars far outperformed the State in both English Language Arts and Math.
  • Our classrooms are student-centered, with examples of project-based learning throughout the building.
Our Scholars Enjoy Learning
Our Scholars Enjoy Learning

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